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Ourang industrial group as innovator and the first producer of traditional biscuits which named “Kaak” , Consider to produce healthy goods containing no additives or chemicals which are appropriate for Iranian families.

Our Work Plan

Producing Ourang traditional bread continues in order to reach a product which is appropriate for Persian


Production of traditional bread had started around half of a century ago by Seyyed Hashem Ourang and have been continued and developed by his son Seyyed Abolfazl Ourang, later. At the moment , Ourang industrial group products are distributed to various cities of Iran as “Seyyed Hashem traditional Kaak” and the trademark “Ourang”. A mixture of flavor and taste of traditional long-persistence biscuits (more than 6 months) and modern packages make it easier for export to foreign countries such as U.A.E and Bahrain in order to reach a vast international export and help the glorious aspect of Iran in the world.

Our successful customers

Ourang traditional bread group is glorious to receive highest and most important standard certificates of Iran and also international ones in order to improve quality and send high quality & world-class products to the market.

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